State College Adjustment 1

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The LRC State House map does a much better job of keeping the greater State College community together than the current map. However, it does split State College, Bellefonte and Philipsburg across 3 districts. Though these are 3 distinct cities they are linked by employment and commerce. A lot of people that live in one city work and shop in another. While it would be nice to keep State College together as one district I realize that the population of the area precludes that. So this map splits State College along a NE to SW line such that part of State College is in the same district as Philipsburg and part is in the same district as Bellefonte. The rest of the more rural part of the county is represented by a third district. The only districts that have been modified on this map from the LRC map are 77, 82, and 171. Thank you for considering this change.