Concerns About Coatesville/Chester County

My name is Donna Rowland. I'm a 66 year old mother, grandmother and a concerned citizen, raised in the East End of Coatesville, (also where I raised my children/grandchildren). I do not thoroughly understand the redistricting process, I've seen, have felt and still feel the effects if gerrymandering; drawing lines on legislative and congressional maps. The community that I was born into; raised my children in; and some of my grandchildren looks very similar to the 1960's. Programs for children, families, health services, education and economic opportunities are limited to my community....the lines on the maps will support what I know to be true. Recently, I listened to a discussion where a preliminary map (for both House and Senate) and Michael Skros was sharing his map. His map divides Coatesville and South Coatesville. I believe that the maps should be reviewed/examined by people representing our community. This is a very confusing topic. Only those who have created redistricting for their benefit or those who advocate for fair redistricting understand it. The mapping and redistricting process, some how, some way, needs to be simplified as possible (ELI5, "Explain Like I'm a 5 Year Old") to our community. We/they need to understand the disadvantages or advantages the split between South Coatesville and Coatesville will have on the community and people that live here. The Black community; People of Color; the disadvantage NEED to be able to fairly elect representatives that speak to our/their needs. Lastly, I am requesting a Racial Equity Hearing. Thank you, Donna Rowland