do right by the voters

Having been a registered – and active – voter since the 70s, I have a deep-seated wish to believe that we do have a government of, for, and by the people. That voting matters. That our politicians are not actively seeking to disenfranchise some of us, but only to fairly accommodate change in our population when they draw up electoral districts. Unfortunately, the last redistricting of Pennsylvania made a mockery of that cherished belief. The gerrymandering was so very blatant, and so extreme, that it was demoralizing to witness and to be subjugated to. Our reapportionment leaders betrayed the electorate, the offices they occupied, and the founding principles of our nation. And they didn’t even try a little bit to hide what they were doing. The extraordinary disregard for free and fair elections was shocking. It was a sorry sight, and one that I hope you will not now repeat. As required under Pennsylvania statute, the districts you draw up must be both compact and contiguous, not merely contiguous like the malign Goofy-kicking-Donald district in which I found myself nearly ten years ago. I am proud of the League of Women Voters for bringing suit to challenge that woeful result. I wish I might be able to be proud of the redistricting results this time, without the need for litigation and a court action to deliver just voting districts for the people of Pennsylvania. Will you prove yourselves fair stewards of the responsibility you have been given? Are you so cynical and self-serving to find that idea laughable? Will you dismiss it as you fgo forward? If so, I will pray for the courts to erase any biased plans you may put forward, and that the voters will rise up and throw you to the curb. Don’t disgrace us like the last committee did. Don’t knowingly and deliberately betray the people of the Commonwealth. I do hope that is not too much to ask.