Keep Mt. Airy's Community of Interest Whole

January 14, 2021 To: Pennsylvania Legislative Reapportionment Commission (LRC) From: Mt, Airy, Philadelphia, PA residents, 19119 Re: Keep the Mt. Airy Community of Interest Whole Distinguished leaders, while we understand the arduous process of making maps and acknowledge that there have been great strides in the overall Senate map for Pennsylvania, the current House map breaks up our community - Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA. As a community of interest with a long history of civic engagement stretching back over 80 years, it is critical that our power is not diluted and that the 19119 zip code is kept in one district. We urge the commission to utilize the People's House Map Here, and maintain the integrity of the current 200th legislative district. This map ensures that Mt. Airy, our historical and integrated neighborhood, is kept whole. Neighborhoods with clear natural boundaries, as is the case with Mt. Airy, and citizens who share racial justice values, access to community services, local businesses, community worship, and gathering spaces must remain together. In addition, we recommend this commission review the various petitions circulating arguing this same issue, specifically the Coalition to Reunify Mt. Airy, which has nearly 450 signatures. Additionally, Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill should remain in the same district. Both communities regularly frequent the businesses, playgrounds and attend cultural events in both neighborhoods. The People's Map keeps these communities intact and decouples neighborhoods from communities on the other side of the Wissahickon Gorge that are neither similar in demography nor easily accessible. Our fragile democracy depends on civic engagement and connected communities. Mt. Airy is a long-standing community of interest woven together by shared interests and civic engagement. We urge the LRC to adjust the map to preserve our community of interest and keep us all in one district. Sincerely, Residents of 19119: Charity Tooze, Mt. Airy resident, 2 years Hope Yursa, Mt. Airy resident Courtney Jewell, Mt. Airy resident Elayne Bender, Mt. Airy resident Kate Carpenter, Mt. Airy resident Scott Seibert, Mt. Airy resident, and Axis co-owner Jason Grant, Mt. Airy resident Vivian Lehrer, Mt. Airy resident Yoni Stadlin, Mt. Airy resident Steve Stroiman, Mt. Airy resident (37 years) Gina Hubbard, Mt. Airy resident, (58 years) Deborah Hoffman, Mt. Airy resident Jane Century, Mt. Airy resident - 35 years Mady Cantor, Mt. Airy resident John Colgan-Davis Mt. Airy resident 31 years Steve Weinberg, Mt Airy Resident Lisa Recko, Mt Airy resident, 43 years Stanley Shapiro, Mt. Airy resident, 38 years Sheila Erlbaum, Mt. Airy resident 44 years Sue Heckrotte, Mt Airy resident 32 years Elliott and Ellie Seif, Mt Airy resident, 50 years Sarah Charlesworth and Michael Attie, Mt Airy residents Frances (Francie) Woodford, Mt Airy resident 20 years Coreen Davis, Mt Airy resident 14 years Elise Bromberg, Mount Airy resident 47 years Ken & Ruth Schamberg, Mt. Airy residents, 40 years Corinne Goldenberg, Mt. Airy resident Jen Egmont, Mt. Airy resident Drew Egmont, Mt. Airy resident Anita Kurimay, Mt. Airy Resident Bridget Gurtler, Mt. Airy Resident Milton Cohen, Mt. Airy Resident Elise Bromberg, Mt. Airy Resident Rachel Elin-Saintine, Mt. Airy Resident Robert D. Duckett, Jr. Mt. Airty Resident Karen E. Duckett. Mr. Airy Resident Jeffrey M Best Sr. Mt. Airy Resident 40 years Lynne Jacobs, Mt Airy Resident 16 years Marc Schroeder, Mt Airy Resident Krista Schroeder, Mt Airy Resident Luzerne McCallister, Mt. Airy Resident, 36 years Debra McCallister, Mt. Airy Resident, 36 years Michael Kleiner, Mt. Airy Resident, 33 years Lisa Kleiner, Mt. Airy Resident, 30 years Jack Kleiner, Mt. Airy Resident, 22 years Matt Kleiner, Mt. Airy Resident, 22 years