Princiles for Redistricting are being violated

Redistricting to favor one party over another by isolating or compacting identifiable voter blocks is fundamentally undemocratic. Yet that is exactly what you have done with the legislative districts in Bucks County (and, I have to assume) outside the county. The historic reliance on legislature-appointed redistricting commission members was tenable when there were not the masses of electronically available and analyzable data on voting patterns and other population characteristics. In an era in which such data can be used to generate party sinecures, it is incumbent on commission members who truly believe in democracy to not use such techniques but to do what was historically done: * to the extent possible, aggregate on the boundaries of existing minor civil divisions, within which voters elect local officials, to shape larger units for state and federal election districts * similarly, to the extent that population sizes permit, avoid breaking counties into multiple districts so the interests of each county can be fully represented by a single elected official and no county has two or more Pennsylvania House representatives voting on its behalf * generate compact districts rather than string distant elements along a single road or two to create contiguous units * assure comparable populations across districts for each level of electoral office Let me add that I, myself, am an elected official, albeit at the municipal level, and have a keen interest in promoting democratic elections.