Constitutional Guarantees

Thank you for the opportunity to provide some input to decisions related to the process of redistricting political boundaries in Pennsylvania. I’m hopeful that boundaries for the U.S. Congress, State Legislators, and State Senate will be changed so they will be fair to all citizens. Our U.S. Constitution specifically states as one of its purposes “… to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice …” Does our current process to create these boundaries do those things? Nope. They are not fairly drawn and are the basis for intense arguments over each 10-year period. Surely, either political party would agree that when they are not in power, they do not believe we have a “more perfect Union.” Even our Pennsylvania State Constitution notes that “ … governments are founded on their authority and instituted for their peace, safety and happiness.” In addition, Section 5 says that “Elections shall be free and equal. How can our current system that allows gerrymandering meet those constitutional requirements? Peace, safety, happiness, free, equal? These words have no connection to gerrymandering. I’m most hopeful you will ponder these points as you debate this most critical decision. Thanks for listening.