Non-Partisan Districts

I am a resident of East Norriton Township in Montgomery county. The districts are: 70th Legislative District, 17th Senatorial District, and the 4th Congressional District. Our county is massive and includes a number of ethnicities in many different income situations. The county is made up of farmland and populated suburban areas. Redistricting is very important to our state and our nation. Having unfair voting districts that favor one party over the other is extremely unfair to voters. By having partisan districts, it discourages voters as we feel the outcome has already been determined. This is wrong but unfortunately this is the history of our state on both political sides. I want our state and country to have only non-partisan districts. The main way to do this is if PA forms voting districts in a fair and non-partisan manner. Some states have created forms of non-partisan redistricting commissions. This is the fair way to have an election we can be proud of. Thank you for reading my email. Also, thank you for hopefully considering making PA a state the population can be proud of in the voting process.