Fair Redistricting Ideas

I am not from PA so I lack the historical perspective many citizens have. That said, I volunteer for Fair Districts PA. In that role l have visited several communities and attended monthly meetings in an effort to educate and get our resolution accepted. First, let me say, democracy is alive and well at these meetings. Citizens are heard. Needs are heard and addressed as possible. The experience has been inspiring and enlightening. Common concerns have been expressed. For example: financing fire department services and equipment managing expensive purchases as snow plows managing road and transportation needs provision of medical services grant writing experience protective services including first responders providing quality education The local citizenry cares. Partisan gerrymandering, for example cracking, packing, etc., has absolved legislators of caring as they are essentially guaranteed reelection. Consider Reading, one of many. Ideally, fair reappointment could facilitate neighboring municipalities’ working together to plan, finance and address these concerns efficiently with efficacy. Considered mapping could provide a fairly elected legislator with clear focus and direction. School districts in particular need to have consistent and logical representation. Indeed, it was an educational discrepancy noted by a conscientious citizen, now an FDPA leader, that got this ball rolling. Above all, let’s be fair to our youth. These are notable issues that affect people day to day. This Commission offers hope. You hold the reins of real, systemic and meaningful change in your hands. (FYI - Another concern frequently noted has been the lack of term limits. Secure re-election of partisan gerrymandering exacerbates this. While another issue, fair redistricting could provide a check on it. Another candidate could have an opportunity to serve.)