Hanover Township, Luzerne County Redistricting

I am from Hanover Township which is located in Luzerne county. Hanover Township is made up of six wards. Located inside those six wards are the boroughs of Ashley (1 & 2), Warrior Run and Sugar Notch. The interests of these communities are closely intertwined. Children attend the same school district and public resources as well as law enforcement are shared. However, under the current legislative map, these wards and boroughs are divided between the 119th and 121st legislative districts. As such, representation for the residents of this community is divided between the legislative districts. Parents send their children to the same school district but have different representatives in the state legislature. I would respectfully request the Commission take the interests of these community residents into consideration when redrawing the district lines and keep Hanover Township and the boroughs located therein together in the 119th legislative district, as the 121st district encompasses the largest city in Luzerne county, Wilkes-Barre, which dominates the population our small bordering towns. The residents of this northeastern Pennsylvania community deserve one representative voice in their state government.