Please draw maps using LACRA metrics

Having watched the presentation yesterday by FDPA Chair Carol Kuniholm and studied the People's Maps drawn by the organization, following the provisions called for in the LACRA bill they submitted to the Legislature, I write to strongly urge that those guidelines be followed by the LRC in crafting its proposed maps for the PA House and Senate over the next decade. The results they produced based on those metrics AND extensive input from citizens across PA are clearly superior: Fewer municipal, county and school district splits, attention to PA geography that can, if ignored, leave substantial portions of districts cut off from their representative/Senator, superior results in term of creating fairer representation for language and ethnic minorities and communities of interest, enhanced transparency and public input to the process. I commend the LRC for its actions so far and especially Chairman Nordenberg who has run proceedings with an even hand, carefully spelled out his reasoning for decisions by the Chair. Your organization was superior in holding hearings across the state, actively engaging community voices and we are also heartened by the engagement of a skilled mapping consultant to provide an independent overview of map proposals being developed by the Committee. The citizens of PA are watching this time. They want fair maps. Our PA Legislature has steadfastly refused to consider any attempts at reform in favor of protecting its power and perks. We are looking to you, this time, to create maps that are far fairer than has been the case for decades in PA.