Support for Fair Districts PA

This week I had an opportunity to hear a presentation by Jodi Reese from Fair Districts PA. I’m still in the process of educating myself about the importance of redistricting but the clock is ticking and I wanted to submit my comments. I live in Derry Township and reside in Congressional District 10, State House District 106 and State Senate District 15. These districts are represented by US Rep. Scott Perry, State Representative Tom Mehaffie and State Senator John DiSanti. I don’t feel well represented particularly by Rep. Perry, as he does not reside anywhere near me and I don’t think he “gets” Dauphin County voters like myself. I believe it is fair and just to end the practice of gerrymandering, which as we know, tends to favor one political party over another. I would urge you to put the needs of your fellow Pennsylvanians above partisanship politics by seriously considering the maps proposed by Fair Districts PA to create more equitable voting districts in the Commonwealth. Thank you. Iris Iozzia