State Legislative Reapportionment for Centre Count

I write urging the PA Legislative Commission in its deliberations to make a district in the Centre Region in Centre County whole and compact. Presently, Centre County is split between four State Representatives and the most egregious disfunction of the current layout of the State House of Representatives for the past ten years is that Ferguson Township is split between into three legislative districts and Patton Township between two legislative districts. This makes no sense and greatly dilutes the citizens of those municipalities a unified voice on any issue that affects them. Take a look at the legislative maps of 1970 - 1980 when the Centre Region was whole and had meaningful representation in the PA House of Representatives. By the Centre Region, I want you to focus on State College Borough to include University Park (Penn State University) and the Townships of College, Patton, and Ferguson. This would make and excellent composition of a legislative district which would be homogeneous, compact, be entirely within the State College Area School District and allow the Centre Region citizens one voice on issues that affect them.