Northern Dauphin County 104th to 125th

Hello, I am contacting the LRC to politely request that you consider drafting a Northern Dauphin County and Western Schuylkill County state legislative district. My current legislative district contains portions of southern and northern Dauphin County (the 104th District). Portions of southern Dauphin County, and urban/suburban area, and northern Dauphin County, a rural area, represent two separate regions. Despite the differences in the areas, these two regions make up the 104th district. My legislative district will be more representative of my area if it is included in the present 125th District. Northern Dauphin County and Schuylkill County are very similar. Residents of Northern Dauphin County and Schuylkill County have a lot in common including our political and cultural views. I think it would be a great idea for the area north of Peters Mountain to be in this district. The Susquehanna River serves as a boundary to the west and the Peters Mountain Range is a boundary to the south for this district. As a resident of Millersburg, I feel that it is important that my concerns be heard by the commission when it comes to Dauphin County. All effort should be made to only add more of northern Dauphin County to the 125th. Adding portions of southern Dauphin County or any other county would diminish our area's ability to be represented in Harrisburg. I am in the hospitality industry, and I am uniquely aware of what residents of this area desire for their representation in Harrisburg. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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