Bring Millersburg into 125th

As a resident of Millersburg, PA, I respectfully ask that you include Millersburg and the surrounding area in what is now the 125th Legislative District. Millersburg is very similar to the localities in the 125th district as opposed to the 104th Legislative District where Millersburg is presently located. I believe that my community’s voice should be incorporated into the 125th District. For instance, State Route 209 connects all of this area with the 125th District. State Route 209 runs from Millersburg to western Schuylkill County. This corridor unites the entire area and is essential for travel and commerce throughout northern Dauphin County and western Schuylkill County. From a demographic, political, and geographic standpoint, it makes the most sense that the northern Dauphin County area in its entirety be included in one district that is separate from the rest of Dauphin County. Thank you for listening to my concerns, Millersburg Resident

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