Redistricting for fair representation

Fair redistricting will preserve democracy. Right now the PA Senate and House do not fairly represent the districts they supposedly serve. The previous map was drawn to ensure GOP incumbents keep their seats and block voters from electing candidates from any other parties. The map was so ridiculous that it made national news as a joke, but it was no laughing matter. I would like to see a truly unbiased committee put a new map in place that doesn't favor incumbents just to protect their undeserved seats. Voters must have the right to vote for candidates that truly represent their own interests and communities not for someone that does not live in or near their communities. The way it is now, the current legislature not only stands in the way of best policies for their constituents, but actually wants to implement laws that deny voter and women's rights and refusing to support protective mandates to fight the dangerous COVID pandemic giving people in PA license to fight against important health and safety measures . This too is what the party of Trump wants to be in place. I believe the make up of our legislature is focused only on the Trump agenda, including the false claim that the election was stolen and should be audited. This is a dangerous threat to the Constitution and democracy in general. PA should not be represented by the party of the thoroughly disgraced and criminal Trump accolades. If not for Governor Wolf and his administration, PA would look like Texas today.