Redistricting in Luzerne County

I am a resident of Hanover Township which is made up of 6 wards in Luzerne county. Within those 6 wards are the boroughs of Ashley (1 & 2), Warrior Run, and Sugar Notch. These wards/boroughs are closely intertwined as a community. They share first responders, public facilities and their children attend the Hanover Area School District. However, under the current state legislative map this community is divided between the 119th and the 121st House Legislative districts. This impacts the ability of local residents to have an adequate and representative voice in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to further the interests of the community as a whole. When redrawing the legislative maps after the 2020 census I would respectfully requests that consideration be given to the interests of the residents of this community in Luzerne county and keep these wards/boroughs together. We deserve one voice in the PA House and have been without it for too long.