Feedback About Preliminary Maps for Senate and Hou

I am a resident of Delaware Co. and have been for over 20 years. Before that I resided in Chester County. My remarks focus on concerns as an interested and active voter seeking to have my vote and those of others best represented with fair districts. Senate District Map There are two major concerns related to the Senate map: As a resident of Southeastern PA, I am concerned about the map because the preliminary Senate map doesn’t reflect the loss of population in more rural areas of the Commonwealth and the gains in urban and suburban areas. The LRC must adjust the Senate districts to better reflect the significant population shifts happening in Pennsylvania. Second, the new map does not reflect Pennsylvania’s fastest-growing demographic group on the need and opportunity to establish Senate districts that would enable Hispanics to elect officials from their community. House District Map As a resident of Delaware Co., I am concerned that nine of its 17 school districts are split into multiple house districts. Although the county's unusual boundaries in its oldest towns make it a challenge for redistrictors, every effort should be made by the LRC to avoid school district splits. In particular, three school districts which struggle with lack of resources and with educational attainment should be kept whole: Chester-Upland, Southeast Delco, and William Penn, in order for them to receive the attention they need.