Consolidated LRC Testimony Solutions (All)

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A Fair Districts PA team, Carol Kuniholm and Michael Waxenberg, made a consolidated repaired House map based on consideration of the public comments. I endorse this repaired map: This map for my area of Chester County has many advantages: it leaves the embattled and underfunded school district of Coatesville Area whole, leaving their voice at its strongest. Pottstown in Montgomery County is not encroached upon, the river remains a border and Lancaster County is not breeched. Montgomery County is mostly whole, Philly makes sense for the people living there, Bucks keeps its internal integrity, Lehigh and Northampton must breathe a sigh of relief. I could go around the state crying out with delight at the fixes, but I am going to allow you to discover them for yourselves. This Consolidated LRC Testimony Solutions (All) for the House map has statistics and metrics for this map are solidly within the required guidelines, perhaps giving an even greater advantage to Republicans but soothing the perturbations of split municipalities and townships and restoring where possible split school districts.

Quantitative Analysis

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