Packing of Allegheny

Legislative Reapportionment Commission Commentary To whom it may concern, While I value and appreciate the transparency of the redistricting process this cycle and the steps the LRC has taken to make it as such, I feel that the House maps better reflect this effort and have some concerns with the way I see the Senate maps taking us and worry how they may affect the existing communities of interest in my area. The new senate maps make little improvement, while providing too much consideration for incumbent representatives, thus resulting in our thriving community of Allegheny County, specifically our growing minority communities, being at risk of faltering their growth due to underrepresentation. Based on testimony seen last week, it’s my understanding that there are communities in the N Hills whose ideas conflict with the interests of those in the urban municipality. It would benefit and better represent both the urban center, and the suburban areas to be in separate districts, with representatives that can better cater to the community’s needs. I feel that the socioeconomic interests of the suburban and urban areas in the proposed maps conflict with one another, and it would therefore be exceedingly difficult to appropriately meet the demands of all relevant communities. Thank you again for your time and attention on this matter.