Concern over Northwest Philadelphia divisions

Thanks to the LRC for the opportunity to express my concerns over the proposed legislative maps. It's the first occasion in my lifetime (at age 72) when ordinary citizens have been invited to express their opinions on the composition of legislative districts and a sign of significant progress in reforming our redistricting system -- though I would still favor creation of a genuinely independent citizens commission to take over this process. That said, I'm seriously concerned about the proposed changes in legislative districts in Northwest Philadelphia, specifically the combination of the Chestnut Hill and Roxborough neighborhoods into House District 194. Fairmount Park and the Wissahickon Gorge have long separated these two neighborhoods and historically they've developed quite differently, readily apparent in commercial and residential development and demographics. The current shape of House District 200 appropriately runs along both sides of Germantown Avenue, probably the oldest development corridor in Pennsylvania, currently benefitting from heightened interest from developers looking to restore the corridor's older, often historic buildings, in the lower Mt. Airy section of the district. The current state representative, Christopher Rabb, has been an important and knowledgeable supporter of these improvements and it will be disappointing to lose his attention and expertise, even if the more affluent, Chestnut Hill portion of the district remains in his purview. I've read that the proposed revamping of the 200th and 194th districts results in the only situation in Pennsylvania where two Democratic incumbents -- Mr. Rabb and Rep. Pamela DeLissio -- are placed in the same district. To my knowledge, both have been hard-working legislators, responsive to their constituents. Whether or not this is an appropriate consideration for the Legislative Redistricting Commission, it's disappointing to think that one of them may lose his or her seat as a result of the proposed redistricting. Thanks again for the opportunity to express these concerns.