Timothy Cosgrove objection to 160th redraw.

Good day. I am writing to object to the current redistricting plan as proposed. This plan would separate Upper Chichester Township from its current longstanding place in PA 160th and remove it to the 159th. I make my objection based on the principal of "Communities of Interest" principal. This redraw clearly contradicts the communities of interest principal considering there is little overlying interest currently between the two districts. Effectively this redraw will disenfranchise all, or most all, of Upper Chichesters residents as it relates to state services and other tax paid for services. I believe Delaware County is undergoing a natural political change over the last several years. By accepting this redraw you would be interrupting this natural change. Splintering off this group of people and additioning them to another without consideration for the representative needs of the citizens of Upper Chichester violates the good faith basis with which Article 2 section 16 is to be applied. My proposed remedy to the redraw proposal is to leave Upper Chichester township in the 160th legislative district .