Partisan nature of LRC Map

I am resubmitting this with a slightly different Title/Summary line, as I am not sure it went through the first time. The application did not say “submitted” or “submission received” once I sent it. I wanted to compare the recent citizen-proposed Redistricting map with the amended one passed by the House. I could not locate the original citizen proposal to compare them. Our local representative, Pam DeLIssio, noted that the approved map was mainly a partisan submission -the vote having split along party lines with only 2 republicans siding with the seriously outnumbered democrats. I have learned over the years to trust my representative’s opinions regarding important issues and agree with her and with Scott Conklin (whom she mentioned in her opinion) that the process needs to be more “citizen-driven.” As the major political parties’ shares of representation in the State House are rather unevenly balanced, it is very important that greater citizen support and impartiality needs to be incorporated into the process to prevent excessive gerrymandering in creating the new boundary lines. The current preliminary map should not be approved.