East Falls removed from 194th District

East Falls should remain in the 194th District with our immediate neighborhoods along the Schuylkill River with whom we have so many common interests, needs and concerns as follows. 1. In the current 194th district our extended families and neighbors attend many of the same public schools. We can work better together to promote and improve our schools. 2. In this district, we share the lower Northwest 2035 Philadelphia City Planning District Plan, which acknowledges that we are connected and that development follows this corridor along this side of the Schuylkill River. This development requires investment in public infrastructure improvements which is better served if we all remain together in the 194th. 3. In this district, we share roads such as Henry & Ridge Avenues which carry increased levels of service due to increased development in our neighborhoods, together with our adjoining neighbors under the one House District we can work to make these roads safer and calmer. 4. In this district we share many bus and rail routes that connect us. Together in the 194th we are better able to work on transportation improvements such as the proposed Wissahickon Transfer Station.