PA House District 147

The Proposed PA House District 147 map (HB 2146) is surely less competitive than the existing map, which also was not at all competitive. Lower Salford Township, Montgomery County does not have much in common with the newer areas included, specifically, Naceville, Tylersport, Franconia - all east of I-476 - and Morwood. We have more in common with close neighbors in Skippack and Schwenksville, with whom we interact frequently, and who are in the same watershed, the Perkiomen Valley Watershed. I don't understand why this area, or at least the portion that is awkwardly cut out around Pennypacker Mills and on down to Skippack along Rt. 73 is not included in our House District 147. We believe it should be included. Although the proposed map is more compact and contiguous than the current map, the areas of Naceville, Tylersport, Franconia and most of Morwood are not within our local 'community of interest'. We have little interaction with these areas, either socially or economically, and do not share many interests in common. We want to see a more competitive, representative map for House District 147. Overall, we want fair maps that are competitive and keep our communities of interest together. They should meet the criteria set out by the Redistricting Advisory Council and in our state's Constitution. This proposed House District map does not achieve that very well and needs to be adjusted to be more representative and competitive. The maps drawn by the Redistricting Advisory Council working with Gov. Wolf, and the map drawn and submitted by Pennsylvania Citizens are both much better with regard to being more representative and more competitive. Please adopt one of these two latter maps or make the requested adjustments to the proposed map. Thank you for taking my views and the interests of our community into serious consideration as you finalize this House District 147 map. Tim Mckee 666 Harleysville Pike Lederach, PA 19450