proposed boundary of districts 161 and 168

The proposed boundary plans, while demonstrating fairly similar population totals among districts in this portion of Delaware County and Chester County, fail to take into account logical communities of interest at the municipal and school district level. Middletown Township as a whole is proposed to be split between two legislative districts, and the proposed boundary even splits one of the Township’s four voting districts into two different House legislative districts. Also, Rose Tree Media, the school district that covers Middletown Township, is proposed to be split among three of the realigned house districts. This makes no sense for promoting or maintaining any sense of community or closeness to our elected state officials within both the township and school district. As near as I can tell from the proposed boundary map, the house member that will be representing my area of Middletown will be representing all or parts of four different school districts overall. How much attention can that one person give to issues unique to each district or municipality, or in this case part of one municipality? I am opposed to a new plan that splits the Township and the School District into additional state house districts.