Delaware County

The LRC's proposed State House map is an improvement from our current map; however in Delaware County more than half of the school districts are split into multiple House districts. The LRC should avoid splitting school districts, and especially districts that struggle with lack of resources and student retainment in order for them to receive the attention they need. For Delaware County this includes: Chester-Upland, Southeast Delco, and William Penn. Regarding the State Senate map; the population in Southeastern PA has grown and yet the preliminary Senate map doesn’t reflect the loss of population in more rural areas of the Commonwealth, and the gains in urban and suburban areas. In Southwest and Central PA, the map draws many districts with populations significantly below what might be expected while in Southeast PA, a number of districts are drawn with populations larger than one would expect. This means that individual voters in Southeast PA will not have as much representation as our population merits. Every person's vote should carry equal weight and representation. Thank you for your time and hard work to create Districts that are fair!