Old and proposed House District 194, Philly

Philadelphia County: Apropos of PA House District 194, before and after LRC drawing: In general, I applaud the LRC for a very good and community-sensitive job in reapportioning the PA House districts. However... because I live in HD 194, I am very surprised by two major geographic changes that seem illogical and to adversely affect the communities of Chestnut Hill and East Falls in the redrawing. Major physical/geographic changes to HD 194: I believe it’s entirely appropriate that Montgomery County be removed from HD 194. What a challenge to represent two different counties on either side of the Schuylkill. It seemed to make no sense to me [new to Philly in 2019] So that excision is a good thing, I believe. But I’m perplexed why (1) almost all of East Falls would be excised and married with West Philly, ACROSS THE RIVER; and (2) Chestnut Hill would be added, which is also across the Wissahickon Creek from the old HD 194. I recall someone from Chestnut Hill in a Fair Districts zoom session saying: No offense, but I never go across the Creek. I have no relationship with Roxborough. I understand entirely. I live in East Falls, HD 194, in what is a small sliver to the west of School House Lane that will remain in HD 194. However, the remaining 90-95% of East Falls is yanked away from HD 194. Generally, it shouldn’t be against the law to remove an intact community from a district, but IN THIS CASE, Chestnut Hill has, inscrutably, be ADDED to HD 194. Worse is that there are now dueling PA Reps in the old 194 and the new 194 that will need to face off in a primary. Huh ?? This is incredibly disruptive to the communities of East Falls, which now is married with West Philadelphia [HUH?], which jumps the Schuylkill River; and Chestnut Hill, which now is married with Roxborough/Manayunk and which jumps the Wissahickon Creek. Is it possible that someone drew this particular map without knowing what communities comprise HD 194?