Major (USAF Retired) Susanne Shearer

I strongly oppose the elimination of the 82nd legislative district in the proposed redistricting plan that favors the democratic party, who had only two seats affected. It takes away our easily accessible access to our elected representative, currently Johnathan Hershey, and groups me and my neighbors and community, with others with whom we do not share the same community, problems, or work situations. Juniata County has extremely strong community connections with Mifflin County, and to disrupt that, would have serious consequences for constituents and their access to many community services and organizations like the Area Agency on Aging and the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor's Bureau. Given, that the issue is not John Hershey himself, but he has done amazing work at truly representing the citizens of Mifflin, Juniata and Franklin counties, and to have his offices local and accessible, has made a huge impact in my involvement in my local community and politics. What a loss to our citizens to not have a representative here, with us, in our communities. Living with us, working with us, working for us. How refreshing. And this redistricting plan wants to take that away?